Photographs are a moment captured forever a pause in reality. 

More Photographs


Screaming With the Wolves

Large Wolves guard the gardens at the Newfields Museum.  I imagined them through the Eyes of Edvard Munch to create this great image. 





Flowers in Dreams

Tucked away next to the White River in Muncie Indiana is the Oakhurst Gardens. A joyous are of historic homes and gardens. The base of this photo was taken on a walk through the gardens. 

Distant Light

On that day waves were newsworthy. The path to the lighthouse blocked by crashing waves and fierce wind. We made it as far as we could before turning back. 





Bleak Midwinter 

Sometimes the best part of suburban is the break into nature of the local park. Especially on a snowy day where colors are bleak but expressive in their own right. 

Rusted out


This rusted out car sits near the banks of a river in a obscure park in Indiana. It doesn’t belong and it’s hard to understand how it got there. It’s a piece of industrial in the middle of nature surrounded by suburbia. Profound in it’s own sense.